Rug Pad USA - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I was so excited to finally have wood floors but I wasn't prepared for my dog to be sliding around the entire house. Since he's 13 years old, we laid down several area rugs throughout the house to keep him from getting injured and to provide him some comfort. Unfortunately, the area rugs also slipped around the wood floors.
My solution was to simply place heavy furniture over the edges of the area rugs. It helped some but now when they slip around, the furniture goes with the rugs. It's an ugly cycle and it's so sad to see my old dog struggling to get up off the floor. I can't even imagine having young children running across them!
Rug Pad USA reached out to me to review one of their rug pads and sent me one of their Premium-Lock pads to try out. Upon opening the package, I was immediately impressed with the quality. I've seen some rug pads in stores that look like rubberized mesh, but this rug pad is very compactly manufactured with a high quality felt and natural rubber that won't fall apart.
This rug pad is made for hardwood floors, laminate flooring (like mine), polyurethane finishes (water and oil based), high heat and humidity climates (like here in Texas), all types of tile, marble, heated, stone and concrete. That pretty much covers every kind of floor! And here's a bonus - there are no glues or chemicals in their rug pads.
All I had to do was unroll it and place my area rug on top of it. Rug Pad USA will customize a rug pad to any size or shape that you need. They have a huge variety of different kinds of pads and this one starts at a very affordable $20.95. That's a small price to pay for safety!
Once I rolled out the pad and placed the area rug on top of it, I tried several times to slide it by running across the floor and landing on it sideways (sorry, no video of my graceful wipeout when it stopped me short.) It didn't move at all. Now my area rug stays exactly where I want it.
What I wasn't prepared for was how incredibly comfortable my feet would be when standing on the area rug with the rug pad underneath. It is so cushiony now and I can't believe I've gone this long without a rug pad. I am beyond happy with my new rug pad. And my dog Buddy is obviously content too!
Visit www.rugpadusa.com for rubber rug pads, felt rug pads, rubber and felt rug pads, eco-friendly rug pads, non-slip rug pads, and memory foam rug pads. Rug Pad USA offers warranties on their products and helps minimize landfill waste by using recycled felt fibers. Plus they are made in the USA and orders ship FREE!

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