My Journey #UnderTheDome On Location #DomeAmbassadors

Our wonderful journey Under The Dome began with wonderful gifts from CBS.
We both received the book Under The Dome, autographed by Stephen King.
The morning location shoot was in a small field in Wilmington, NC.
A staggering number of people and truckloads of equipment are needed for each shoot.
We got to sit in the shady director's tent during the scene filming.
Di Ranere and I were selected as the Season 2 Dome Ambassadors.
The directors and writers were very focused on their work.
Each scene is filmed over and over until there is satisfactory footage.
Actors, directors, writers, and crew all work together to bring you the best show.
Everyone was so welcoming and happy to answer our questions.
The beautiful Laura Passero coordinated our entire journey.
Norrie sighting! Norrie is played by Mackenzie Lintz.
Writer William Kendall with Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie) and Max Ehrich (Hunter).
Mackenzie is so sweet and gorgeous! She hugged us both and posed for a picture.
Max Ehrich is a hunky sweetheart. He stopped for a photo with us too!

And then we were whisked off for a trip to the studios!
Stay tuned for more photos!

Don't miss Under The Dome, Mondays on CBS at 10/9c.


  1. Wonderful! I live here in Southern Calif. and get opportunities to go to casting events. It's really wonderful and you don't have to travel too far to get to them! This was beautiful for you I can tell. I love love love this show!!

    1. Awesome!!! I know there have been a few filmed around here in central Texas but I've never heard of them in advance to be able to go. I had so much fun!


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