Caboodles Nail Valet - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Caboodles has been around so long that I remember buying my first one when I was in high school. They have the best (and cutest) organizational products. It's a brand I know and trust. Check out this adorable new Nail Valet from Caboodles! With a shiny turquoise zippered lid and black/white polka dots design, it's a sure winner for girls and women of all ages.
The Nail Valet is so roomy! It measures 9.75” x 7.13” x 7.875” and has a carrying handle on top. The lid props open to reveal a mirror, elastic nail tool holder, and a big divided tray.
The divided tray lifts out and I discovered that if you flip it over and set it back inside the Nail Valet, it provides the perfect little table for me to set my hand while giving myself a manicure.
Caboodles is all about organized storage and the divided tray provides enough room for me to store a full sized bottle of nail polish remover. It's also perfect for storing lotions, creams, cotton balls and swabs.
Under the divided tray sits a 24-space divider for nail polish storage. When it's full of nail polishes, the divided tray sits a little higher, but Caboodles made the lid on their Nail Valet inverted and raised so it will still zip closed even when it's full.
The Nail Valet is very well-constructed and sturdy. It's a wonderful gift for a young lady entering high school, the new graduate heading off to college, or for your best friend who has way too many nail polishes. Don't forget to get yourself one!
The nail polish divider also comes out so if you're the gal with fifty bottles of nail polish, you can just pile them all in the bottom. In looking at the Caboodles website, I learned the Nail Valet also comes in a pink chevron exterior design and a zebra stripe exterior design. Which one would you like?
Get organized today! Visit www.caboodles.com to check out the new Nail Valet and all their other fabulous products. You can buy the Nail Valet at Target for around $35.
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