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Bonding with your teenagers can sometimes be a challenge. The older they get, the more they feel the need to pull away from parents. As parents, we're torn between letting them grow up and wanting to keep them small forever. A day at Hawaiian Falls Water Park is a great compromise for everyone!
By spending quality time together, parents and teens can set aside everything else and just have a fabulous time. Hawaiian Falls is a wonderful family environment for adults and kids of all ages. There is something for everyone, from the shallow beach for toddlers to the fast slides for older, more adventurous kids.
I followed my husband Johnny and my son Ryan around Hawaiian Falls water park in Pflugerville, Texas, over the weekend to journal their bonding time together. They climbed the steps to the top of the tallest slide for a race down, and Ryan not only beat Johnny's time but everyone else's time on the slide.
Being able to hang out without electronics, without the demands of work and school, and without the typical parenting issues, my guys had a fantastic afternoon. Since it was a crowded holiday weekend, they had some extra time to stand in lines for the slides and just talk to each other.
It's amazing how much teenagers will open up and talk to their parents when they are having a good time! It also gives adults the chance to act like a kid. We stopped to eat some delicious hot dogs and burgers too, which gave us a chance to rest in the shade and just enjoy the live music on the stage.
A mom is never happier than when her family is happy. Seeing my husband and my son bonding means the world to me. If you need to get away from day to day life and just soak up some sun and some family time while connecting with your teens, Hawaiian Falls water parks are the perfect place to hang out!
Celebrating more than a decade of bringing families closer together, Hawaiian Falls operates several water parks throughout Texas - in Garland, The Colony, Mansfield, Roanoke, Waco, Pflugerville and White Settlement. Have you been to Hawaiian Falls yet?
Get more information at hfalls.com and facebook.com/hfalls.

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