Art Excuse - Original Custom Handpainted Art

Pantone Spring
If you are tired of the "cookie-cutter" art prints available at the national big-box retailers, but don't have the finances to procure custom art, then you need to check out Art Excuse! Their beautiful, original artwork is designed by emerging and established artists. Aren't these paintings breathtaking?
Pink Tomorrow
Each exclusive art collection is available to the public for only 14 days. The artwork is licensed and reproduced in the Art Excuse studios, so that you can own an original piece of art for a fraction of the price. When you find the piece you want, you can order it in whatever size you need! This blue Birch Dance is my favorite one from the current collection.
Birch Dance
Art Excuse will handpaint your piece and ship it to you for free. Your original artwork will arrive ready-to-hang and prices start at just $199. This allows you to enjoy affordable handpainted art, and also gives artists a platform to commercialize their art. I can already picture of few of these pieces on the walls in my new home!
Squaring Up
Art Excuse also features its own 1-4-1 campaign, which donates paint kits to disadvantaged youths for every artwork that gets sold. This empowers the next generation of brilliant artists with the tools they need to be creative. Isn't that a fabulous way to give back to the community?
Check out their beautiful collection at www.artexcuse.com and be sure to bookmark their site so you can check out the new collection every two weeks! Be sure to connect with them on Pinterest and Twitter too. Which one of these artworks would you like in your home?

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  1. I think I would choose Pink Tomorrow. I'm not normally a fan of this type of art but this one grabs me--maybe it is the color combination. I love that they donate paint kits to disadvantaged budding new artists!

  2. Beautiful! I love the look of Birch Dance. I'd like to put these in my classroom so my students could write about the emotions they feel in the art.

  3. These are beautiful. I love how they are unique. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are so unique. And so beautiful.


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