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One of the best parts about my trip to visit the set of Under The Dome in Wilmington, NC, was meeting all the wonderful, creative people that make the show a reality. Jack Bender is not only an actor, writer, producer, and director, he's also the artistic genius behind the Under The Dome art. As we were touring the studio, we ran into Jack as he was taking lunch back to his office and he invited us in to chat and see his paintings.
In a small room in the warehouse that houses the Under The Dome studio, Jack paints his pieces from what he calls junk. He turns that junk into art. He often uses old canvases, but he also paints on discarded wood or metal. His idea behind this is that something beautiful can be created from something old and useless.
Much of the paint he uses is the leftover paint from the sets used on the show. Even more wonderful, Jack often sells his pieces and donates the proceeds to charities that help others. It was fascinating to listen to his stories and I feel so blessed that he took time from his incredibly busy schedule to sit and talk with us.
As I watch Under The Dome now, I find myself specifically looking for Jack's paintings. Before going on the trip to the set of Under The Dome, I didn't give a second thought about the art. Knowing more about the artist and the thought behind his works makes them even more special.
Jack was also kind enough to give us each a copy of his published book 2 Broken People, a story supported by photos of his art. He was so pleased when I asked him to autograph it for me! 
Perhaps one day I will be fortunate enough to meet up with him again. Until then, I will thoroughly enjoy his art through his book and the show.
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