Traitor's Knife by E Kaiser Writes - Review

Book Description:
When the loyalist cause enlists the mountain house into a weaponry, apprentice Fia is confronted with three refugee children, a disturbingly upstart former messenger, and accidents happening everywhere. Are saboteurs out to nix the weapons works... or is it the incognito crown prince they're after? Traitor's Knife continues where Jeweler's Apprentice ended, and nearly seventeen year old Fia Brithin from the foothills still has a lot to learn about the mountains, and the people now in them.

My thoughts:
Traitor's Knife by E. Kaiser Writes is the second book in the Five Gems series for teens and young adults. It follows the book Jeweler's Apprentice. This fantasy novel features Fia as the main character and she is an apprentice who must draw on her bravery throughout the story. Her brothers and sisters are also part of the tale, several playing large roles, from courageous warriors to quiet healers. Readers will also encounter a prince, princess, and a traitor. The author's writing is engaging and flows well. I enjoyed the story and think it's a great read for young adults. It's exciting but not scary. As in any series, I would recommend reading book one first.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Lisa Weidknecht! I appreciate the time you took, and I'm very glad that you enjoyed the read!
    All the best,
    E. Kaiser Writes


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