Top 3 Dream Kitchen Appliances

My husband and I recently emptied our house of children. Now that they are all scattered in colleges across our great state of Texas, we've been dreaming of building our own home to live in forever. Well, he's been dreaming of the home, and I've been dreaming of the ultimate kitchen. While he's mulling over silly details like combining traditional electricity with solar electricity, and whether the foundation should be cement slab or pier and beam, I'm drooling over photos of amazing appliances that I want in my new kitchen. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you already know of my burning desire for a stand mixer because I threw my 20-year-old hand-mixer away in a fury after it flung ingredients all over my kitchen for the very last time, and now my wooden spoon and arm are wearing out. But my forever dream home appliances are bigger than that. Much, much bigger!
So, my first dream kitchen appliance is a refrigerator. Not just any refrigerator. I want the one that has a giant freezer drawer on the bottom so I can open my freezer and not have everything come tumbling out. A frozen pound of hamburger meat is not kind to bare toes. It will most certainly feature an ice maker that quietly deposits the cubes into the proper bin instead of spitting broken ice cubes all over the inside of the freezer. I want the big refrigerator that has french doors above the freezer so I can gracefully throw them both open at the same time, just like they do on the commercials. The front of my dream refrigerator will also sport a lovely cold water dispenser with a soft nightlight so I don't spill water on the floor at midnight, making me slip and hit my head on my next dream appliance...the oven.
My second forever home dream appliance is a double oven. Let's make it a double-wide double oven, so that when my future grandchildren come over to visit their nana, we can make a triple chocolate cake and a strawberry pie in one oven, while making a dozen white chocolate chip muffins and a dozen apple cinnamon donuts in the other. It will have at least six burners on the stove-top, so we can melt caramel and three kinds of chocolate to make little molded candies, while I whip up something healthy for their dinner like macaroni and cheese with tiny hot dog slices in it. After all, isn't it a nana's duty to provide copious amounts of sugar, then send them home to their parents?
Last, I will definitely need an amazing dishwasher, so that I never have to hand-wash a single dish again. It will be such a quiet dishwasher that I won't even be able to tell that it's running. It will have gentle cycles, so gentle that the finest china will never chip. It will have strong cycles, so strong that I won't have to rinse a single dish, although my dog really loves being able to pre-wash the dinner plates. My dream dishwasher will never leave horrid water spots on my extensive wine glass collection either. It will be large enough to hold my biggest slow cooker, which had to be replaced because I dropped and cracked it in the sink while hand-washing it a few months ago. My dream appliances will all be shiny stainless steel so they gleam in the light of the late afternoon sun that streams through the kitchen window, as I make romantic dinners for my husband and I to enjoy in the peace and quiet, while my three darling children chase my future sugar-hyper grandchildren around, trying to put them to bed in their own homes.

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  1. Ah, I enjoyed this beautiful dream with you. The only thing I would add is, I want a housekeeper to wash all the sticky fingerprints off those stainless steel appliances.

  2. I would love a dishwasher! We have never had one so I was all of our dishes by hand.


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