Reduce Your Clutter For Cash With ecoATM

This is one of the most ingenious ideas I've ever heard about! The ecoATM is the world's first automated eWaste recycling station. That's their fancy way of saying that they are a friendly green machine looking to pay cash for the responsible recycling of your old cell phones, MP3 players, and tablets. Got some old mobile devices sitting around cluttering up your home? Me too and it's past time to clean up! Sell your phone or other device by placing it in the ecoATM kiosk, and ecoATM will tell you how much it's worth. Then, if you decide to sell it to ecoATM, you get instant cash!
There will be roughly 396 million idle or inactive mobile devices in the U.S. by the end of 2014. Of those, only about 80 million will be recycled. According to the U.S. EPA, less than 20 percent of unwanted cell phones are recycled each year. Most old devices end up in a drawer or in a landfill. Isn't that awful? But with approximately 900 ecoATM kiosks in malls and large retailers (like Walmart) all over the country, and with your help, they are working hard to solve the eWaste problem facing our planet.
So, how much money will you get? Cash given for mobile devices ranges from $1 to $300 per device, and every transaction provides an opportunity to donate some or all of the proceeds to charity. Fortunately, ecoATM is able to find a second life for 75 percent of devices collected. For the remaining 25 percent of devices, ecoATM partners with certified eWaste reclamation facilities to ensure those materials are responsibly reused and recycled. What a fantastic way for us to work together to make our world a better place!
ecoATM has already recycled more than 2 million devices and more than 500,000 pounds of devices in its four-year history (that includes 70,000 pounds of copper and over 1,500 pounds of silver). Each year, the operation of a single ecoATM kiosk is an energy savings equivalent to removing more than 4 houses from the grid. So gather up all your old devices cluttering up your drawers and find an ecoATM near you to get some extra cash in your pocket now!

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