Protecting Your Children with SafeTots

Once your precious baby arrives, you want to do everything you can to keep baby safe. SafeTots can help you keep your child safe with products available for all stages of life, from infancy to school age. Their specialists have put together a huge selection of babyproofing solutions to help you care for your child both at home and away. You can use their online Safety Essentials Checklist to help you track the most important safety precautions you'll need for windows, doors, hinges, stairs, blinds and more. SafeTots products can help prevent everything from painful pinches in doorways to serious injury from dangling cords. Their handy checklist helps you look at each room of your home and pinpoint the most common causes of accidents.
Your baby or toddler may be small, but there are many things you will need to raise them and SafeTots has all the best baby gear in their online store. Check out their feeding section for everything from baby bottles to toddler booster seats. You can even find breastfeeding equipment for moms at SafeTots. When it's naptime, baby will be snoozing happily in their beautiful nursery furniture. From mattress protectors to sleeping positional aids, moms and dads can sleep well knowing baby is comfortable. Entertain your child with their huge variety of play mats, baby gyms, bouncers, toys, and playpens. Be sure to grab a growth chart because your child will seem to grow right before your eyes!
Bathing your child doesn't have to be difficult when you have the right tools. Check out the SafeTots collection of baby bath tubs and bath seats, to help keep baby's smiling face out of the water. When it's time to potty train, SafeTots has you covered with potty chairs and step stools. If you're going to be traveling, check out their portable potties, car organizers, suitcases and backpacks, and even storage bags for strollers and car seats. Make sure you pack the SafeTots safety products your child will need while on vacation, like sun tents, sunglasses, and UV protection swimwear.
The best protection for children is a prepared family. Knowing what to expect and taking steps in advance of an emergency is the best prevention. Find everything you'll need to keep your children safe at www.safetots.co.uk. Check out their free shipping offer, next day delivery option, and their price match promise. Shop today!


  1. There are so many ways little ones can can into trouble-in a blink of an eye really. It only makes sense to "baby proof" as much as is humanly possible. And of course never leave your baby unattended!

  2. The term "baby proof" or even "safety" has changes so much through the years, it good to keep up to date with the latest finds and Safe Tots sounds like the perfect place to start.

  3. Being prepared with your children is always so important.

  4. I love how you said "The best protection for children is a prepared family." This could not be more true. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am always on top of my toddlers! Its crazy sometimes but I do have a 2 and 3 yr old so they keep my on my toes!


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