Poppy Dot Chooka Rain Boots - Review #fashion

Disclosure: I received these boots in exchange for my honest review.
Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted a really cute pair of rain boots. I vaguely remember owning some really ugly yellow overshoes that were incredibly difficult to pull on. You can't even imagine the giggly happy dance I did when I opened the box of my new pink polka dotted rain boots! I hope it rains every day.
These absolutely adorable rain boots are made for the little girl in all of us. Chooka Boots were created with the idea that function can be fashionable. These high-quality waterproof boots are SO easy to put on and pull off. My feet have stayed dry in the rain and even while wading around in the edges of the lake.
The details on my Chooka rain boots are wonderful. I love the pretty touch of adjustable side buckles. The sole bottoms are ridged to keep me on my feet even on the slippery rocks in the lake. I can hardly wait to go jump in a big rain puddle. There's a chance of rain on Monday!
These boots are amazingly comfortable. There is plenty of wiggle room for my toes, but they aren't so loose that my feet clunk around in them. They are made of 100% natural rubber with a moisture-absorbing cotton lining. They are thick and flexible.
The heel height is 1 inch and the boot height goes up 12 inches on my legs. The opening circumference is 15-1/2 inches. They fit me perfectly, which is usually a challenge for me with most tall boots because I have very healthy calves.
Best of all, they are PINK!!! Not to worry, though because Chooka boots come in lots of great stylish colors. They offer lots of solid colors and more great prints like safari, tropical paradise, sunset beach, and safari check. They even have rain boots that are mid-calf height.
Check out the Chooka Boot Store on Amazon and visit the Chooka website for dozens of great rain boot styles. Make sure you follow them on Facebook and on Twitter to hear about great new styles, special sales, and even giveaways!


  1. Now those are super cute. I could even wear them to work in the garden!

  2. I love those rain boots! Usually I don't bother with wearing rain boots--but with these--let it rain. And with those soles they would probably be great in the snow as well (especially since around here snow turns to slush)


  3. These are so cute! I need a pair of rain boots and these would fit the bill.

  4. Cute!


  5. Oh, I LOVE them!! I immediately clicked over to see them on the site because these are adorable. I wonder how they'd feel if I wore them all day long to work?

  6. This are adorable. I haven't had a pair since I was a kid. I love the grips on the bottom. Thanks for sharing.


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