nio Tag Stops Smartphone Loss #tech

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Tired of losing your smartphone? nio Tag is a Bluetooth accessory that can be attached to almost any belonging you wish to keep with you, whether it's your smartphone, tablet, camera, keys, purse, or just about anything. The nio connects wirelessly via the free nio App, then acts like a buddy system to whatever you want to keep from getting lost. Just use attached the clip or lanyard included to attach the nio Tag and if they become separated from your device, both the nio and the device will alarm or vibrate to alert you.
About 100 smartphones are lost or stolen every minute in just the United States and the nio Tag will help you keep your expensive devices close by, as well as protect you from identity thieves who want the personal information on your phone. You could even use this to keep track of your dog at the park or your kids at the store. nio Tag has raised the bar in Bluetooth proximity detection!

Get your nio Tag at http://bluenio.com/store
for just $54.99

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  1. This sounds like a cool device, thank you for sharing.


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