KFC Game Night Bucket Review #HowDoYouKFC

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
KFC has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a child. I love their original recipe and I'm excited to share about their new Game Night Meals. We went over to our local KFC to try it out and learned they have two different KFC Game Night Buckets to choose from, depending on your family size (or hunger level).
We visited the KFC in Round Rock, Texas, just off Toll-45. They've completely remodeled the inside of the store and the employees were SO friendly. The sweet cashier even offered us a drink while we waited for our meal!
We ordered the large KFC Game Night Bucket, which comes with 20 extra crispy chicken tenders, six dipping sauces, two large sides, and four biscuits. The other option comes with 12 extra crispy chicken tenders, four dipping sauces, two large sides, and four biscuits. Either option also comes with an I SPY game right on the bucket, to play during or after dinner.
First, let me say that food was delicious! The chicken tenders are BIG and the large meal will absolutely feed a larger family. We tried all six of the sauces and loved them. We opted for the sides of macaroni and cheese (my personal favorite) and potato wedges (my husband's favorite). The biscuits were perfect and everything was fresh.
The included I SPY game is wonderful way to engage family members. Although I noticed the commercial said the game was ON the bucket, ours came inside a little plastic baggie attached to the inside of the lid. We opened it up and it's a big poster along with some playing cards. I fully support anything that creates positive, pleasant interaction at the table, and I love KFC's idea of combining a game with dinner!
Visit www.kfc.com to find a location near you and try their new KFC Game Night Bucket to engage your family in a fun meal. There won't be any pouting faces at the dinner table and your entire family will benefit from spending time together playing a game.

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