iFrogz GoLite Backup Charger and Flashlight Review #tech #travel

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The iFrogz GoLite combines convenience and functionality into one compact tech gadget that can go anywhere you go. Few things frustrate me more than when my smartphone runs out of juice in the middle of the day with nowhere to recharge it. The iFrogz GoLite 2600mAh (featured here) can charge any smartphone. There is also a GoLite 7800mAh that charges everything from smartphones to tablets. Each GoLite also features a bright LED flashlight!
Each GoLite comes with a nifty lanyard and a charging cord. Measuring just 3.82" x 2.44" x 0.91", the GoLite is perfect for students' backpacks, mom's purse, dad's briefcase, and teenagers' pockets. Take it with you every time you travel because you never know when you will need to recharge. Don't forget, Father's Day is coming!
Just charge it up before you go and when you need a backup charger, just plug your device into the USB port on the side of the GoLite for fast and convenient recharging. The 2600 model comes in four colors - blue, black, red or purple. Make sure your college student has one before they head out to change the world.
The extra feature of the iFrogz GoLite flashlight is such an ingenious idea. Having an emergency light available to you at any time goes so much further than just having a light to find your keys. There should be a GoLite in EVERY emergency kit. Think tornado, hurricane, earthquake and fire! Wouldn't YOU like to have a flashlight in those situations? And when the electricity goes out, being able to charge your smartphone could save a life!
The flashlight will give 48 hours of light on a full charge. An iFrogz GoLite is the perfect gift for everyone. You should have one in your vehicle and one in your emergency preparedness kit, plus one to carry with you for day-to-day use. Order yours at www.ifrogz.com.
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  1. Would be perfect while we're out watching the boys run, my phone is always running out.

  2. I love their design. I love having a portable charge for emergencies.

  3. I would like this for the flashlight alone and I would love for my Mom to have one. When those lights go out it can get pretty frightening!

  4. I need this - my phone never seems to have any juice by midmorning.

  5. This is really cool. I love gadgets like this. Thanks for sharing.


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