How to Turn Your Home into a Modern Oasis


Your home should be your retreat, your oasis to which you go at the end of a hard workday or a stressful day with the family and kids. If you can view your home as your sanctuary, you'll never get tired of being there, and you'll find that your stresses melt away so that you can relax and focus on the good things in life instead.
But how do you go about transforming your current property into a modern oasis that will inspire you and calm you all at once, especially if you don't have a large budget or interior design experience? Simply read on for the tips that will help you get started.
Incorporate the Colour White
Even though white is often avoided because it can make a space look too plain and cold, it's actually a great colour to incorporate throughout your home in order to help your mind relax. Because white isn't an energising or particularly stimulating colour, like red, orange, or yellow, for example, it will help you clear your thoughts. You don't have to go crazy with white walls and nothing but white furniture, though. Instead, add white accents wherever you can, such as in the form of pillows on your sofa.
Add Varying Hues of Neutral Colours
To bring more colour into a room, choose neutral shades, but vary the hues used throughout. You can create an accent wall, incorporate furniture of different hues, and add accessories to break up the monotony of a single colour. If you really don't like neutral colours like beige, though, stick with pale shades like pale green or pale blue, which are calming.
Use Plenty of Soft Textures
Your bedroom, in particular, should have plenty of soft textures that will invite you in every day and night. A plush comforter, plenty of soft pillows of varying sizes, and a padded headboard are just a few ways to create a sanctuary in your favourite room in the house. If you have the room for a small couch or a single soft chair, go for it.
Take Advantage of Natural Light
Sunlight is what your body craves to produce vitamin D and keep you healthy, and also to stimulate your mind and give you energy to make you feel good. If you have ever felt down during the winter season, when it gets dark early and you aren't able to spend a lot of time outside in the sun, you know how a lack of sunlight adversely affects your mood and physical state of health. Therefore, in order to transform your home into an oasis, take advantage of natural light wherever possible. The key, though, is to ensure the natural light comes softly into your home without blinding you or making it uncomfortable. Sheer curtains of a variety of colours can match any d├ęcor and theme within a room but still allow ample amounts of light in.
For areas of your home where natural light doesn't penetrate, and for nighttime, choose lighting fixtures, like those found on unicheinteriorfurnishings.co.uk, that are calming and produce gentle, soft amounts of light. You can also use candles at night to create a calming atmosphere, especially if you like watching the gentle flames flicker as a form of meditation and a method to clear your thoughts from the day.
Keep It Simple and Clean
Finally, the key to creating an oasis in your home is to keep it clutter-free, clean, and easy to navigate. The last thing that you want is to have a bunch of disorganised paperwork on your kitchen table or desk, a lot of clothes lying around your bedroom, or a bunch of shoes strewn about your closet.
A disorganised space will only result in you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, thinking about how you have to clean everything up and you can't fit everything you own into your home. So get creative with organising your closet, put up shelving, and find ways to cleverly hide what you don't need out at all times so that it isn't in view. Once you open up your home, you will feel much better and more relaxed. Keeping it clutter-free perpetually, though, may prove to be a worthwhile challenge.

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