Could Making Your House Greener Make it Easier to Sell?

Having a property on the market for an extended period can be a rotten situation to be in. It might be that you have tried just about everything to try and move the house but simply can’t find anyone who wants to buy it. For those in this situation, experts are recommending making green home improvements because an environmentally friendly property can be sold more easily.

The following reasons outline why a greener property could seem a lot more attractive to a potential buyer.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy efficient home improvements can result in a reduction of energy usages and carbon dioxide emissions which is great for the environment and of course, those paying the bills every month. If we consider our prospect buyers, they’ll be hugely interested in reaping the benefits of low monthly energy bills.

It doesn’t usually take too long to recoup the outlay on energy efficient upgrade via the money saved on bills. However, if you take advantage of current government incentives to make home more environmentally friendly such as the “Energy Companies Obligation” and the “Green Deal” offered by such energy suppliers as npower, then the cost of the home improvements is paid for out of the savings made. The costs are deducted directly from the bill and the amount paid calculated by the difference between the bill before the improvements and after. Plus the debt is tied to the property, not the owner so in fact, it won’t cost you a penny.

Give the Buyer Less Work to Do

The majority of house hunters don’t want to have to do a lot of work on a property. Why else would so many of them be put off by stuff like old fashioned carpets or faded wallpaper? Many DIY jobs tend to be cosmetic and are relatively quick and cheap to deal with but not everyone wants to move in and then start carrying out repair work. This is especially true when selling houses which are suitable for families.

This means that if a prospective buyer sees an old boiler wheezing away or discovers that the house has no insulation, then they will be put off by the additional work that needs doing, often in spite of the money they might be able to negotiate off the price of the property.

The main job of the homeowner who wants to sell their property is to make it an easy choice. Therefore, making the home as green as possible is a smart move.

Establish a Feel Food Factor

The feel good factor is a part of the house selling process that it is difficult to put your finger on. But being able to say that it is a green home with solar panels, a new boiler and great insulation is one extremely positive point that is sure to crank up the feel good factor for anyone visiting it. Even if the viewer isn’t particularly interested in green issues, they are sure to see this as another positive aspect of the house.

Easier to Sell On

It is becoming more common for people to move on a more regular basis for work reasons or due to family commitments. We no longer always see a new house as somewhere to stay for the rest of our lives. For this reason, buyers place more emphasis on the resale value of a prospective home and the ease by which they will likely sell on the property. Because green credentials are such a core consideration these days, it makes it easier to resell an eco-friendly house, further increasing the properties attractiveness to buyers now.

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