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Disclosure: I received a facial at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Summer can be brutal on skin and it's very important to take care of your skin. BodyBrite in Austin, Texas, offers an Oxygen Facial with DermaOxy Products and I was lucky enough to go see what it's all about! Located at 3701 Guadalupe, Suite 105, BodyBrite offers a whole range of services, including hair removal and teeth whitening, to keep you looking beautiful.
My Oxygen Facial started with a short form to fill out, a bright room, and a lovely beauty specialist who offered me a comfortable spot to lie down and an elastic headband to protect my hair. Before starting the facial, she used a measurement tool to test the moisture in my skin, which was just over 20%. She then cleansed my face gently with a scrub to help exfoliate my skin.
As she cleansed my face, she massaged my face, sending me into total relaxation. To wipe the scrub off, she applied a warm, moist towel. As she worked, she explained each one of the steps of the Oxygen Facial, which was helpful since I've never had one and was a bit hesitant at first after seeing the machine.
The next step was to spray my face and neck with an anti-aging serum. The gentle airbrush felt so good on my face. It was slightly cool and slightly wet, but not so much that it ran down my neck. She worked in a pattern to ensure the serum would penetrate deeply into my skin. She explained that it also stimulated blood circulation and cell renewal.
The next step included a tool that presses the serum deeper into the pores, boosting the serum application. It sometimes made little burpy sounds as it pressed against my skin. She explained they also offer the option of a derma roller for even an even deeper boost. She also said some people become so relaxed that they fall asleep during their facial.
Once she was done with the press tool, she applied a light sunscreen to help protect my face, then measured the moisture in my skin so we could compare before and after. Following my facial, my skin's moisture increased to over 50%. That's a huge difference!
The Oxygen Facial is a great alternative to surgery or injections, and is much more affordable. In just one treatment, the increase in moisture to my face was dramatic and even over a week later, I can still see the positive effects. You can get younger, more radiant skin at BodyBrite with their Oxygen Facial for just $89 and if you'd like a package option, you can save even more! Give BodyBrite Austin a call today at 512-454-2639 or visit www.skincareaustintx.com. Look for a location in your area at www.bodybriteusa.com.

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