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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
When I was a college student, I remember carrying a heavy backpack across campus filled with giant textbooks and it resulted in lots of pain and soreness. When I traveled on my last cruise, I carried a large weekender bag on my shoulder filled with all my clothes and nearly dislocated my shoulder.
AIRBAC is one of a kind! It's the only backpack that is designed to alleviate the pressure and stress on a person’s back caused by excessive weight. Their patented air support system takes the weight off of the back by moving heavy contents into a more comfortable, back-friendly position. This helps AIRBAC wearers feel like they are carrying half of the weight.
Scientific studies have shown that AIRBAC promotes better posture and promotes better spinal alignment, because the built-in air system evenly redistributes the weight allowing the body to relax in an upright position rather than leaning forward to compensate for extra weight on the back.
The built-in shock absorbers reduce stress on the lower back, so it can be comfortably worn for long periods of time even while walking, running, and climbing. Since the straps are all adjustable, the AIRBAC is a perfect fit.
It has tons of room inside (as you can see by the photo above demonstrating the front to back width of the bottom) and lots of pockets that will help protect your laptop, tablet, camera, and other valuables. With great styles for men, women, and children, there is an AIRBAC for everyone!
It's the best choice for travelers, with its roomy space and is the perfect carry-on size for airplanes. If you are a hiker, you're going to love how the air system allows you to pack your bag full and still walk comfortably. Students can fill their bag with books and electronics, with no worries about the long trek across campus hurting their back. Athletes and cheerleaders love the AIRBAC too!
I absolutely LOVE this backpack and so does my husband. Check out all these endorsements! The AIRBAC has been heralded by the Today Show on NBC as a Father's Day Must Have, by USAToday.com as a Best Back to School Gadget, by ComputerWorld as the 2012 Winner of Best Protective Laptop Bag, and Fox News Channel as a 2013 Top Travel Gear Item.
The AIRBAC is great for school, business, travel, sports, camera, and cheer. They will even do fundraisers for organizations! You can find AIRBAC backpacks in select stores across the nation, or shop conveniently from home on www.airbac.com.
Check out this great video for more information about AIRBAC!

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