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One thing I've learned while traveling, is that the quality of my luggage is a priority. Traveling can be hard on luggage, especially when someone else is handling it. Just think of all those airline luggage handlers who toss this stuff around all day long. A traveler's luggage gets thrown onto a conveyer belt, heads back to a cart, and onto another conveyer belt, all while rubbing against other suitcases and metal transport edges. Poor-quality suitcases just can't stand up to that and it often results in torn clothing, broken cameras, and leaking shampoo. I once had a suitcase so badly damaged that half my clothes disappeared. If you're looking for reliable luggage that won't break down during your travels, check out Atlantic Luggage! Their versatile, lightweight, affordable luggage is favored by fashion-conscious females who want it all: style, function, quality and value. Smart travelers have been choosing Atlantic Luggage since 1919.
One of several collections, the Atlantic Lumina luggage combines a luxurious satin look and feel to hardside luggage. These beautiful pieces have a unique polyurethane finish over a sculpted hard shell, giving travelers superior strength. Lumina luggage features a dual-wheel spinner system which allows for optimum manueverability. Beautiful, durable, lightweight and affordable...what else would you want? How about this...the collection even offers a ten-year warranty!
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Atlantic Luggage is now offering you the chance to win a family trip for 4 too! One lucky winner could win a family vacation to the destination of their choice - Los Angeles, CA or Washington, DC - including airfare for four, hotel accommodations, a $300 activity allowance, and four pieces of fabulous Atlantic Luggage. Enter here for your chance to win a family trip for 4. I'm going to enter because I'd love to visit Los Angeles and walk down Hollywood Boulevard. Where would YOU go if you were lucky enough to win this fabulous family vacation?

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  1. I would probably go to Washington DC but if my Mom figured out I won-she would convince me that she was going and we were going to Calif to visit my niece out there!

  2. Ok, this is perfect for me!! I won't pass up a free vacay but also have been needing new luggage as well. Great info!

  3. I love the look of this luggage. We have been considering replacing our luggage with a hard sided set. On my way to enter the trip too...DC for us!

  4. I love these luggages because they keep your stuff together better than other luggages would. You won't have to worry so much about your things getting crushed! lol!

  5. Love this. Who wouldn't want a free vacation? Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'd enjoy a trip to DC with my granddaughter. A fun trip filled with history would be tight up the geeks alley.

  7. I need a new carry on bag. Mine is getting pretty beat.


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