Moms' Car Preferences and Driving Habits

There is no doubt that Moms are the heart of the family; they do so much for their loved ones, often volunteering to serve as the household taxi driver. Edmunds.com, the online car shopping site, decided to poll more than 1,000 Moms to find out their driving habits and the role their car plays in their everyday life.

The poll found some really interesting info, including that Moms spend more time driving their children around than they do playing with them. While this may be a surprise to some, it doesn’t mean there can’t be a shift – why not spend those hours in the car connecting and playing with your children? With the summer months coming quickly, Edmunds compiled a list of the top games to play on a road trip and the best cars for each. Check it out here: http://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/top-10/top-10-road-trip-games.html

The poll also revealed that 66% of Moms consider themselves to be the better driver than their spouse – take that Dads!

Check out the rest of the results from Edmunds.com’s Mother’s Day poll:
  • My Wheels, My Rules: Though the kiddos may love that One Direction song, 71% of Moms stated that they are in control of the music while in the car (versus their kids, 18%).
  • The "Other" Kid: When asked if they'd choose to pamper themselves or their car, 37% of Moms chose to pamper their car; they truly love their other baby.
  • Baby Vision: When it comes to keeping their eyes on the road with a crying baby in the backseat, 39% of Moms have located a pacifier without even looking for it – keeping their eyes on the road AND giving it back to their little one.
  • She Ain't No Soccer Mom: 70% of Moms surveyed said they outright refuse to drive "mom mobile."
And for those moms sick of the “mom-mobile,” check out Edmunds.com to find out the newest and most head-turning family vehicles out there. Or better yet, give Edmunds.com’s unbiased car experts at Live Advice a ring to help you with any of your car shopping questions.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Maybe because I lived in a small town growing up and of course it was a lot safer back then also-but I usually was told to WALK when I needed to go places! My Mom didn't even know how to drive until I was 10 or so--and my Dad worked--thus I walked as did all of my friends!

  2. We are debating the move to a mom-mobile. Although I definitely would rather pamper myself over my car. :)

  3. We spend our life chauffeuring the kids around, I'm sure they think that is the whole purpose of having the car.

  4. Interesting!


  5. Ok so I drive a van and that has always been considered a mommy vehicle but I LOVE my van. because I consider it a luxurious vehicle. I would by my van over and over again.

  6. When traveling we always did this kind of stuff. Brings back memories thanks.

  7. I could already feel this! I seem to be driving my son everywhere. You're so right about the baby vision thing. I can't even express how many times I've had to do that or pull over because my baby just had the most uncontrollable crying session! This is definitely yes all the way!


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