Hassle-Free Kids' Consignment at Swap.com

This article was published for Swap.com Kids' Consignment. All opinions expressed are solely my own.
Children grow so quickly and keeping them clothed can be a constant drain on the family budget. Swap.com is an online kids’ consignment store that offers a better overall buying experience than both eBay and Craigslist. Their inventory of over 60,000 pre-owned items includes baby clothes, kids’ clothes, baby gear, toys, games, movies, video games and even maternity clothes. All the items are owned and priced by the sellers, but Swap.com takes all the anxiety out of buying kids’ pre-owned clothes online by handling all the inspection, quality grading, photography, storage, and shipping at their fulfillment center in Addison, IL. Since early 2013, parents have discovered that Swap.com is more convenient, more affordable, and more trustworthy than eBay and Craigslist, and certainly much more enjoyable than lugging kids around all day to garage sales!
Shopping on Swap.com offers a similar buying experience to shopping on Amazon, in that items from multiple sellers can be combined into one shopping cart, which saves shoppers on shipping costs. New customers get FREE shipping on their first purchase and everyone gets free shipping for every order over $50. Let’s talk about prices! Children's items on Swap.com are 50-95% off retail prices to ensure a great bargain every time. All orders ship within one business day too! To make shopping even more stress-free, Swap.com has a 100% hassle-free refund policy, so you can return any item for any reason and get your money back. You can’t get that on Craigslist!
Swap.com eliminates worry about fraud too. Their professional merchandisers inspect every item to determine its quality. Descriptions of items are objectively written to ensure fairness to both sellers and shoppers. You’ll know upfront if an item is like new, new with tags, good condition, or fair condition. If you’ve ever shopped on eBay or Craigslist, you know that sellers often inflate both the quality and price on their items. Another problem I’ve run into on those other sites is that the item listed is not actually the item for sale. When you shop at Swap.com you get exactly the items you want, at a price you can afford, and a pleasant stress-free shopping experience!
Check out Swap.com today for great bargains on kids’ stuff, while saving your money and your sanity!


  1. Children grow so quickly that many times a gift is received by the time it is time to wear it-it is too small! This has happened to gifts I have given-frustrating to say the least. And back then my friends wondered why I always seemed to buy toys as gifts---this sounds like the perfect shopping place for people with growing kids.

  2. It is so expensive now buying for children, we try to save by buying second hand as much as we can. I love the idea that they actually inspect the clothing/ items too, that takes a lot of the worry away.

  3. Thanks for the great tip! I had never heard of swap.com.

  4. I hadn't heard of this website before. I love a good deal though. :)

  5. Thanks for tips and sharing.


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