Beauty Butler for Organized #Travel Makeup

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Whenever I travel, my makeup ends up all jumbled up in the bottom of my luggage. Since I used mineral makeup, it's all powder-based and it makes for some very messy makeup containers. The Beauty Butler has solved my problem! It's a very simple, yet ingenious, concept that includes a plastic base board covered with velcro-fuzz and an assortment of velcro-spiked stickers. It will work for any brand of makeup!
Whenever I travel, whether it's for a long airplane journey or a short road trip, I just put a Beauty Butler sticker onto the makeup I want to take along and stick it to the Beauty Butler board. Then I place the Beauty Butler on top of my clothes and my makeup stays stuck to the board until I pull it off to use it. No more digging in the bottom of my suitcase for random jars and it even helps keep the powder settled in the containers. It comes in two sizes, the smaller Flirt in 4"x6" and larger "Diva" in 6"x8", so you can choose the one that works best for you, or grab them both and use one in your luggage and one in your daily purse!
Check out GetBeautyButler.com and order yours today. 
It's a great gift for any lady!
Order them individually or get a great package deal!

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