The Snugg Leather Phone Case - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
As much as I love a crazy phone case in neon pink or shocking turquoise, there are many times where something more professional and grown-up is more appropriate. The Snugg is a beautiful leather phone case, designed for both men and women, that protects my phone from all the daily use and abuse it gets, and is the perfect fashion accessory for any occasion.
This robust, smart phone pouch comes in a distressed brown leather that not only protects my iPhone, but also provides me with a card slot for my driver's license or credit card. It's beautifully constructed and The Snugg has a unique feature that I haven't seen on any other phone case...a pull tab to pop the phone out of the case!
The pull tab lays flat against the case via a magnet so that your phone never accidentally pops out. The Snugg firmly holds my iPhone inside even when it's bouncing around in the bottom of my handbag. It's slim enough, even with the phone inside, that I can carry it in my jeans pocket too. When I need to use my phone or surf the internet, I just pull up on the tab.
The Snugg manufactures and sells high quality premium cases for the latest devices on the market including iPhones, iPads, Nexus, Galaxy, Samsung, Galaxy, Motorola, Kindle, Blackberry and more. Get one for your phone, one for your tablet, and one for your reader! If you're not into leather, they offer a variety of cases for every fashion taste, such as suede and bamboo.
Get The Snugg for your devices at http://www.thesnugg.com/ and also on Amazon. They've sold over a million cases in over 200 countries worldwide! They also offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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