Norton by Symantec Protects Your Family's Online Presence

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There was once a time when the internet was mainly for companies and businesses that targeted adults. As the internet has grown, so has the target market for websites. There are sites that appeal to all ages, even to the very young. Most of the social media sites began as a way to draw in teenagers and young adults, but people of all ages have now gravitated towards those sites. There are game sites specifically designed for elementary aged children and online early learning sites for preschoolers. Unfortunately, as the internet has grown in leaps and bounds, so has the probability that a hacker will find a way into your personal information, especially through unknowing children.
Since many families share a computer, it's not always easy or convenient to supervise what younger children are doing online and they may inadvertently push the wrong buttons, resulting in the release of private information or possibly even erasing everything on the hard drive. Your older children may even have their own computer in their rooms, making supervision even more challenging. Just a single click on the wrong email can easily allow computer viruses into your family network, taking it down completely.
But let's not blame just the kids. Have you ever had a computer virus? Have you been targeted by a hacker that stole your identity and ruined your credit? Have you ever discovered your computer has crashed with all your precious photos and files? If you bank online or shop online, there exists a very real threat of having your computer attacked. Norton by Symantec is designed to protect all the online activity you and your family experience every day.
Norton by Symantec is a program that runs quietly in the background of your computer, protecting you from nasty viruses, unwanted spam, social media dangers, and dreaded identity theft. It gives you peace of mind while you shop online, complete your banking transactions, and surf around to see all the wonderful things the internet has to offer. It blocks phishing sites set up to steal your information, alerts you to malicious downloads, and even keeps fraudulent emails out of your inbox. Automatic updates ensure you are protected from new viruses and automatic backup ensures your files will never be lost in cyberspace. Best of all, Norton by Symantec gives parents better control of what children have access to online. It also has tools to boost the speed of the computer and clean out existing viruses, all on a user-friendly interface. Find out more at http://buy.norton.com/estore.
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  1. ooh, hadn't thought about what the kids might do! Very good point.

  2. We use Norton all the time, in fact ever since we had our computer, wouldn't do without it.

  3. I use a different one then Norton-but security on your computer is almost mandatory these days! Just a short while ago I was reading how the IRS has been sending checks to people who fraudulently got the info on people then submitted fraudulent tax returns!

  4. We supervise our son when he gets on the computer. At 5, he quickly gets to Youtube and watches Thomas videos......it's crazy scary how he's figured out where to type and how to do it. I'm terrified he'll come across adult sites on accident or delete important docs!!

  5. With my family being online almost ALL THE TIME, this is definitely helpful! My son just uses the iPad right now, but I'm sure it won't be long before he starts to get on the computer!

  6. This is so important. My son has clicked on things before & gotten us a virus :(


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