Marburn Curtains - Bedford Blackout Curtains - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I'm just not a morning person. I almost always stay up too late, so I love sleeping late into the morning. I've discovered over the years that most "blackout" curtains still let in too much light for my late morning snoozes, so I was eager to try the Bedford Blackout Curtains from Marburn. When taking them out of the package, I immediately noticed a difference in Marburn Curtains.
They are thicker and heavier than my "old curtains" and honestly, they are much prettier! I took a photo of my old hung curtains (that claimed to be blackout curtains) and then my new Marburn Curtains in the same window so I could compare the two. You can see the comparison photos below. The Marburn Curtains keep out MUCH MORE sunlight than my old ones. I even took the photos while the sun was shining directly on this window!
As I browsed through their site at www.marburn.com I also noticed that the price of the Marburn curtains was $20 LESS than the price I paid for my old ones. I am so impressed and can't wait to replace ALL the curtains in my house with Marburn curtains. A good curtain helps to save on energy costs, by helping keep heat and sunlight out in the summer, and by helping keep cold breezes from sneaking in the window edges in the winter. The new Marburn curtains look great and the color looks much better against my wood floors.
Visit www.marburn.com for custom looks you want at prices you will love! Besides curtains and drapes, Marburn also offers hundreds of great products for your bed, bath, kitchen and more. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, so you'll be first to hear about new products and special promotions!


  1. I wish I saw this review earlier. We had to re-arrange our living room recently due to getting a new stove so our TV had to be placed in a spot where the light coming in from the window made it un-watchable. We actually found a decent pair at Walmart but the set you reviewed looks really nice.

  2. These curtains look nice. It took us a long time to put curtains in our home. I still need to add them to my older children's room and to the master bath.


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