iLeesh Retractable Dog Leashes - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
My dog Buddy just turned 12 years old. He rescued us when he was just 3 years old and I've always walked him on the same 2" leash. He has always been a wonderful walking companion. Although he weighs nearly 100 pounds, he doesn't pull forward on the leash and walks right next to me. I was really excited to try out a new retractable leash with Buddy.
iLeesh retractable leashes are designed to give a dog maximum freedom on a walk, while allowing the owner to maintain control. The leashes are made from durable impact plastic, available in black, turquoise, or pink. The soft grip handle makes it comfortable in the owner's hand and the button on top is a one-hand braking and locking system.
The high intensity soft nylon belt material is designed to avoid burns or cuts and a super strong chromium plated latch hook attaches to your dog’s collar securely. The leash handle features a domed waterproof reflective sticker with a picture of a particular breed on it. There are over 70 breeds available, but since Buddy is a mixed breed, I choose "I love my dog." The medium retractable leash is 16 feet long and is made for dogs up to 44 pounds, and the large retractable leash is 9 feet long and is made for dogs up to 100 pounds.
Buddy and I both LOVE the iLeesh retractable leash! He is enjoying the freedom to stop and sniff everything that was previously out of his reach. I love the ease of use, the comfortable handle, and the ability to lock the leash at a shorter length when we run out of sidewalk and have to walk in the street alongside the curb. I also appreciate that this leash is much lighter in weight than his previous leash. I highly recommend iLeesh!
Visit www.ileesh.com to shop for your dog's new retractable leash that features the breed you love. They also offer a great selection of throw pillows, coffee mugs, tee shirts, mouse pads, keychains, decals, air fresheners, and iPhone cases. You can even send in a photo of your dog to completely customize your selected products. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

What breed is your dog?


  1. Buddy cute dog. We just named our new puppy Buddy, he is a Doxie (Yorkie & Dachshund mix). I also have two other dogs Malchi (Chi and Maltese mix) and a Terrier Mix. My chi is named Rhino and my Terrier Mix is named Katie.

    1. I'm not sure I could keep 3 dogs. Buddy sheds so much we're talking about shaving him this summer. LOL


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