Bobby Flay Chip'n'Dip Set @Kohl's - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Kohl's is one of my favorite stores because not only do they offer amazing prices and products, they also have some of the most fabulous sales in retail. I often find myself wandering through my local Kohl's store and Kohls.com is bookmarked on my laptop. I was thrilled to review the Bobby Flay Chip'n'Dip set because the Bobby Flay products are excellent quality!
The Chip'n'Dip set includes a metal stand, an 11" glass bowl for chips, and a 6" glass bowl for chip dip. The metal stand has three feet for perfect balance and the stand comes apart in two pieces for easy storage (although I'm leaving mine assembled on display because it's so pretty).
The glass bowls are smooth on the inside and textured with a bubble pattern on the outside. I think the glass design gives it a nostalgic feel. The glass color is clear with a slight tint that almost seems to change color based on surroundings and contents of the bowl. It's a beautiful piece of serveware and one I'm proud to put on my table.
The Bobby Flay Chip'n'Dip Set is very versatile. We've used it for nacho chips and salsa, potato chips and onion dip, taquitos and guacamole, and even strawberries and chocolate sauce. Check out our own Queso Recipe HERE. You could display an assortment of colored Easter eggs in the large bowl and Easter candies in the small bowl.
Visit www.kohls.com to purchase your Chip'n'Dip Bowl and many other fabulous Bobby Flay products that will spice up your kitchen for springtime and all year long. Follow Kohl's on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up to date on their sales and new products, then follow chef Bobby Flay on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too!


  1. Interesting!

  2. What a great idea, my eldest has just discovered salsa, what a great gift for him.

  3. I like that you used this with strawberries and chocolate sauce too! Anything that can dip would be perfect with this set. I love that it's glass too!

  4. This is such a beautiful chip and dip set! I have one but it's nothing like this one. So pretty!

  5. I shop at Kohl's all the time-I love browsing all their departments. This is certainly a very nice looking serving piece which can be used, as you said, for various purposes in various ways.

  6. This is a cute bowl set, perfect for parties. Kohls is one of my favorite stores too.

  7. I have this exact chip n dip but the top bowl broke. I am interested in replacing it, but cant find it anywhere! What should I do!


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