The Power of Twelve by William Gladstone

I just finished reading The Power of Twelve by William Gladstone and it's an amazingly interesting story concept. When the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012, humans shifted towards a more humanistic existence. Most of them anyways. There was one man, Arnold, whose ideas tended more toward violence and total control. The Illumnati, a colorful cast of characters plans to stop him in order to bring forth a more positive shift. If they cannot stop him, all life in the universe (including the alternate planets) may cease to exist. The Twelve have special powers including being able to coexist in a human. The story has some rather interesting twists and turns, as well as some characters whose names you might recognize, like that of George W. Bush. And who would have thought there could be an interaction with Mother Mary? It's very well-written, entertaining, intriguing, and ended way too quickly. I loved the descriptive way William Gladstone writes because it helps readers feel as though they are there too. I encourage you to read it!

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