Pure Glass Bottles with Safe Shell Coating - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Any glass bottle can break, but drinking from plastic means you have to worry about chemical leaching. With a Pure Glass Bottle, you're getting the reassurance of safer drinks and even if you drop and break it, their patent-pending safe shell coating will hold everything together so you can safely pick it up and put it in a recycling bin! Available in three great bottle shapes and sizes, Pure Glass Bottles will meet all your drinking needs. I've been using them for weeks and they are great!
I love the wide-mouth opening on the Pure bottles because I can add ice cubes, tea bags, or fruit wedges to my water. The lids stay securely closed and everything is easy to wash. The tallest bottle has a twist-off lid with a handy carry loop. The two smaller bottles come with a flip-top lid! Think how much money you'll save by refilling a bottle instead of buying a new drink at the corner store. They even offer a Juice in the Box cup with a built-in straw so you can add healthier juices to your children's lunches or snacks. Annually 3 billion pounds of plastic water bottles are created, but by using a Pure Safe-Shell Glass Water Bottle you can help leave a smaller waste footprint.
Visit www.pureglassbottle.com to find the Pure products that will make your life easier! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too!

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  1. I definitely prefer glass over plastic. The bottles with the flip top lids sound great!


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