Common Swimming Pool Repairs Explained

Don't Panic: Common Swimming Pool Repairs Explained

Although it may appear benign, your swimming pool is a watery habitat that requires constant maintenance. From clean water to perfect chlorine levels, pools need a particular chemical equilibrium for everyday use, especially in the summer. If you discover that the pool appears murky, or the pump doesn't turn on as usual, you can pinpoint some of these issues yourself.

Pool Pump Troubleshooting

Your pool pump creates a current to move all the water through the filter in a controlled manner. This motor is typically located outside, affected by hot days. If the pump overheats, it will shut off to preserve the internal components. The pump can even trip a circuit breaker, if it is electrically shorted. Because of its internal electronic components, a faulty pump may just need a capacitor that failed with age or wear. A pool pump repair is not usually an expensive endeavor, if you catch the issue early. Ignoring a faulty pump may cause more internal parts to fail, requiring extensive repairs.

Your Water's pH

A pool needs a steady pH level to fight off any algae growth. If your pH levels fluctuate into highly acidic or basic levels, the water looks cloudy. Even the pump and filter cannot remove this watery haze. It is best to call a professional pool service professional to determine proper pH levels. They can safely alter the water back to a perfectly clear blue.

Filter Woes

Many pool owners only run their filters part of the day, or not at all during cold weather. However, you need to run the filter about 8 to 10 hours a day to remove debris from the water. If you notice that debris is constantly floating in the pool, run the filter more often, even in the off-season. At some point, however, your filter may become clogged. A clog stops any more debris from being trapped, allowing it to remain in the main pool area. About once a year, or more frequently for busy pools, backwash the filter to remove any trapped debris. Water running smoothly through the system will keep the debris from piling at the bottom of your pool.

At Your Pool Service is a professional pool repair company, ready to serve all of your water needs. From pump replacement to filter servicing, they provide basic and advanced services for the comfort of all your swimmers. A clean pool keeps everyone active and excited about summery days.

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