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As the parent of three children who are now in college, I cannot stress enough to you the importance of good grades in middle and high school. Student loans and grants no longer cover the costs of attending college. When my children's loans fell short, my husband and I had to take out several loans in our own names. Getting good grades in middle and high school helps to ensure that your children will be eligible for scholarships. College courses are much more demanding than classes in middle and high school, so it's really important to give your children every advantage to succeed.
Revolution Prep, a leading tutoring services innovator, has successfully unveiled the GPA Protection Program, a new web-based tutoring platform designed to efficiently help children complete nightly homework assignments and other coursework in grades 6-12. While Revolution Prep continues to offer test preparation for college-bound students, it created the GPA Protection Program to benefit students needing help on homework and other assignments that lay the foundation for academic excellence in middle school, high school, and beyond.

The company’s recent student/parent survey speaks to the program’s success:
  • 81% of users agree: the GPA Plan saves them valuable time on homework.
  • 92% of users seeing significant results stick with same tutor based on a good first experience.
  • 92% of Parents agreed that GPA Protection is an incredible service and value for families.
  • 84% of students say their homework needs are being met through the GPA Program.
  • 78% of sessions booked are for math and science subjects.

“This last statistic is especially important,” Ramit Varma, Co-Founder of Revolution Prep, said. “When children fall behind in their math skills, it’s very hard for them to catch up to their peers. Math and science are challenging subjects for many parents, too. So GPA Protection tutors are always on-hand to be instructive and supportive – even inspirational – because students benefit when they’re reminded that math can be fun and relevant to their lives. In fact, children tend to fall behind when their teachers fail to make these connections. Our tutors are trained to use homework and other assignments to help students realize what’s interesting and ‘cool’ about these subjects.”

Online tutors available through Revolution Prep’s GPA Protection Program have seen a wave of new enrollees seeking unlimited and on-demand assistance in as many as 20 core subjects. Students can book a tutor same-day, upload a homework assignment using a smartphone, and experience one-on-one help using the company’s web-based interface.

“Ease of access to personal expert assistance is a critical aspect of the program,” Varma adds. “Students have a private tutor online for a flat rate of $99 per month that fits more family budgets. Other centers provide tutors at about that rate per hour, but we’ve found that the quality of our instructors, affordable pricing, and online flexibility, lead to the kind of improved results that are truly sustainable as academic challenges spring up one week to the next.”
Revolution Prep also provides online and class-based tutoring programs in a wide array of subjects:
  • SAT and ACT test prep, available as private tutoring and small group online courses
  • AP and Subject Exam preparation to help students enhance the value of their college applications and potentially earn them college credits

Since its founding in 2002, Revolution Prep's Academic Advisors have helped nearly a million students succeed in elementary school, high school, and college. Advisors work with each student and family to develop an individualized course of action, pairing students with tutors in a selection process drawing from over 250 instructors nationwide.

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About Revolution Prep
Founded in 2002, Revolution Prep is an educational services and software provider that has helped nearly a million students improve college readiness, academic skills, and score higher on the SAT, ACT, APs and other exams. Revolution Prep provides the highest quality instruction to all students, regardless of their ability to pay. In building a team of experts who are dedicated to this vision, Revolution Prep has developed innovative methods and curricula to help students achieve their test score potential and become better learners for the future. Revolution is also highly committed to making a positive difference in the community through a generous scholarship program – which has funded over $4.5 million in tuition assistance for needy students – company service days, and partnership programs.

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