Frozen - Texas Edition 2014

 Austin, Texas rarely sees a weather event that deals with ice or snow.
 What started as sleet last night turned into an all-night ice storm.
 It left a very thin sheet of ice on flat surfaces and snowy-like conditions on grass.
 The roads are quite slippery, so all schools in the area are closed. Yes, closed.
 By noon, most of the ice will be melted and the roads should be mostly clear.
 Mostly, people in this area are just not aware of how to drive in icy conditions.
 Since I grew up in the Midwest, I learned how to drive in wintery conditions.
 So I'm slightly amused by all the hype about school closures and business delays.
 I'm also amused by the little snowman (iceman) photos they keep showing on the local news.
On Sunday, we'll see temperatures in the upper 70s.
Welcome to Texas!

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