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They had to get out. And quickly. She tapped the arm of the oldest girl to meet her eyes, then made writing motions with her hands. The girl’s eyes lit up immediately and she got up off the bed and rushed out. In a few minutes, she came back with a pencil and a notepad, holding them out.

Furiously scribbling, she wrote, hoping the oldest girl could read. “Your name?” The girl looked at the notepad and frowned. “I am Olivia, mama, don’t you remember? Why have you forgotten us? And this is Lily and baby Rose,” she said as she pointed at the others.

“Phone?” she wrote, but Olivia looked at it and shook her head no. “I don’t know pa-hone, mom” she said.

She scribbled again, “My name?” Olivia giggled, “You are mom. You forgot you too?” Olivia’s face suddenly clouded over as she remembered what she had done. “He is dead. He hurt me and Lily and Rose. Can we go now? Can you walk?”

Her legs still wouldn’t move. There was no way she was getting up and walking out of that awful place. The despair grabbed her deep in her soul. She wrote again, “Need help.” Olivia’s little eyebrows drew together as she searched her mind for someone who could help them. Something came to her and she grabbed Lily’s hand and said, “We need to get Nonni! Rose, you stay with mom and we’ll be back.” Suddenly they were gone and Rose stared up at her as she lay next to her. 

“Mama, I missed you,” said the tiny girl, as she stuck her thumb in her mouth and drifted off to sleep.

Her heart ached and she wondered how long it would be before the girls came back with Nonni. Who was Nonni? Was she a family member? A neighbor? Rose sighed as deep as a little girl can sigh, making thumb-sucking noises and snuggling in closer. She stroked the girl’s blonde curls, trying to ignore the pain shooting through her shoulder.

It's been too long since I've worked on my novel. But I've been inspired and here's the next part. Did you miss the beginning? Or forget what happened so far? Start HERE.


  1. Glad to see you have begun writing again! Am looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Ah, you stirred the anticipation in me this morning. In my opinion, this is good and I want to read more. Thanks.

  3. Nice .,this is going to be so good..I even dreamed of the first part and so far I just cannot believe your going this way with it ..One minute I think I know and now wow ,,going to be a great book..I am sure you have had some published ??? if so let me know ,,I think i am going to buy just a nook or something to read . Have alittle doll house ,, 50 acres front yard and I am looking at 8 inches of snow ..what a picture this is .soo beautiful..I know my Randy found this for me .. you want to write a book .you would not believe all the things happen on the 10 of Nov when he passed .. those kids in Conn..in room 10 teacher birthday 10 ,her dog Roxie ..ours is Rocky.. let me stop i get holly bumps.. I know my Randy was Santa and not one of those kids go without a hug from my Randy or a lap to set on .. its just so spooky ..someday.. i write mine too ..believe that
    good job mf . <3

    1. Wow, you gave ME goosebumps too! I haven't published yet, except for my two children's picture books, but it's my dream to get discovered! Your house sounds fabulous. Thanks for reading!


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