Umberto Beverly Hills Styling Products - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I love to keep my curly hair long. Unfortunately my curly hair loves to end up frizzy. The longer my hair is, the frizzier it gets. I've tried lots and lots and lots of products to try to calm it down. I jumped at the opportunity to try two Umberto Beverly Hills Styling Products - the Curl Enhancing Lotion and the Controller Conditioning Spray.
I tried the Curl Enhancing Lotion first. After showering, I towel-dried my hair and finger-combed it (people with curly hair know better than to use a brush or hair ends up poofing up in a hundred directions). Then I put about a quarter-size dollop of the Curl Enhancing Lotion into the palm of my hand and rubbed my hands together, then ran my hands and fingers through my hair a couple of times to disperse it well. I let it dry naturally (because blow-dryers do what brushes do to curly hair).
Once my hair was dry, I lightly sprayed the Controller Conditioning Spray over my hair. I'm actually really impressed with both of these products. My hair is much softer and shinier, and much less frizzy. I've also tested it on windy days and it does help tremendously to keep it from frizzing up on me.
If you struggle with frizzy hair, I recommend you try the Umberto Beverly Hills Styling Products that I tested. They have a huge line of products for all kinds of hair, plus hair styling tools. You can visit their website to see all the Umberto products at umbertobh.com and shop for their products at Target!


  1. Lisa, I am impressed with your hair!!!! I have the same type of hair as you. I went to their web site and it says you have to order through Target,, we do not have a Target, I clicked on the Amazon link you had and only saw Hair dye for sale... Where else can I check? I am curious what the price is.. I spend more money on my hair then anything else,,,,Thanks


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