React Mobile - The App to Help Keep You Safe

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If you worry about your safety or the safety of your older children, React Mobile is a fabulous new app that can help keep you safe and allow you to quickly notify others of your whereabouts and activities. React Mobile is easily downloadable onto your smart phone and you can pre-select the people you want notifications sent to. There is an SOS feature that allows you to notify parents, spouses, and/or the police by email and test message in the event of an emergency. This feature uses GPS to alert others to your location. There is also a Follow Me feature that allows others to follow you in real time and when you arrive safely at your location, a single tap lets them know you are at your final destination. React Mobile also allows you to report suspicious or criminal behavior. 

As the mom of three adult children who live in different cities, I worry about my children and their safety. I think this is a wonderful way for them to let me know that they are home safe each night. It's also the perfect safety app for those who jog regularly or even walk to and from work. Check out this quick video all about React Mobile, then download it today!

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