Pedi-Sox the Original Pedicure Socks - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Pedi-Sox are one of the cutest ideas I've come across this holiday season! These one-of-a-kind pedicure socks are exactly what I need to enjoy my pedicures more. I can keep my feet comfortable and warm while enjoying a pedicure, plus I won't smudge my nail polish. (You'll notice I'm patiently waiting for my pedicure.) Created by Pamela Berryhill, Pedi-Sox come in 5 sock styles: The Original Pedi-Sox, Professional Pedi-Sox, California Summer Weight Pedi-Sox, SPA Deluxe Pedi-Sox and Ultra Pedi-Sox.
These Springtime Violet socks are the California Summer Weight Pedi-Sox. This style also comes in eight other colors, including some with polka dots or stripes. These lightweight socks are perfect for warmer climates. Take them along when you travel the tropics. I suspect when the teen crowd discovers these, we'll be seeing them worn with flip-flops!
My pink and white Pedi-Sox are from the Original line created by Pamela. There are nine available colors in the Original Pedi-Sox line, from solids with colored bands to perky stripes all around. These socks are one size fits all so you can't go wrong choosing a size for a gift and they are so very soft and comfortable!
Pedi-Sox are machine washable so there's no special care involved. They are a heavier weight thick cotton blend and they are perfect for winter time pedicures. Take them with you when you go to a salon for a professional pedicure and slip them on after your feet have been pampered and before the painting begins. Pedi-Sox also help the lotions and oils absorb into your feet better.
The Mary Jane's Pedi-Sox are the cutest socks I've ever seen. They are from the Ultra Pedi-Sox line. They are Ultra thick, Ultra soft, and Ultra massaging. I love the way they hug my feet and the contemporary yarns feel so good. There is also a heart-covered Ultra design and a leopard-print Ultra design. Pedi-Sox are the perfect stocking stuffer for women, teens, and pre-teens who love painted toes. Get one from each collection and give a year of comfortable pedicures. I highly recommend Pedi-Sox!
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