Gold Rush Pay Dirt Gold Panning Kit - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Looking for a family activity to pull those kids away from all their electronics and screens? This Gold Rush Pay Dirt Gold Panning Kit is the perfect solution. Not only is it fun, you are guaranteed to find REAL gold in every bag of dirt. My family actually panned for gold several years ago in Nevada, so my boys were really excited to see how much gold their bag contained. This kit allows you to pan for gold at home!
The Gold Rush kit comes with a pound of dirt, panning supplies and a great video hosted by Parker Schnabel from the hit show Gold Rush that teaches how to pan for gold. We filled up a bucket of water and poured our dirt into the pan to start swishing the dirt with the water. It's an activity that everyone in the family can try and it was so exciting to hear the first "Eureka!" which means "I found it!"
Inside each kit there is also a certificate of authenticity and a panning ledger, since panning for gold is an easily repeated activity. Just save the dirt and search again another day! You can even order additional bags of pay dirt. It's also a great teaching opportunity for parents to share information with kids about the history of the gold rush in America.
We have, so far, found several pieces of gold and even some rocks with a visible vein of gold running through, but even more valuable was the time that we spent together as a family with the television off and everyone out of their rooms. Sitting in a circle on the floor of the family room, we shared smiles and laughter as we made memories together.
This is a fabulous gift idea for anyone of any age! If you have someone that is hard to buy for, they will love this panning kit. Plus there is a chance the gold in their bag of pay dirt is worth up to $500! How's THAT for a way of getting someone interested in panning for gold?
There is still time to order for Christmas! Visit www.paydirtgold.com today and order a Gold Panning Kit today! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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  1. There's some gold around me. I would love to have one of these.


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