What Weight Watchers Taught Me About Dieting

I started Weight Watchers a couple years ago because I had some serious pounds to lose and I read that I could get the first month free because of a special holiday promotion I found at my friend Matthew’s blog weightlosstriumph.com. I used the promotion code and decided that it must be a sign that it’s time to give Weight Watchers a try. I had been a terrible eater all my life, and stress and self doubt were huge triggers for my overeating of unhealthy food. I felt alone in my struggle and knew that Weight Watchers might be a good choice, but I was too intimidated and didn’t know where to begin. I don’t know what suddenly changed in me, but finally I was ready to face a Weight Watchers counselor, count my points, and fix old habits that had been around all my life.

The most important lessons learned – portion control
People often ask me what is the most important thing I’ve learned on Weight Watchers, and why I have had so much success with it. It really isn’t the counting or weighins that were most useful to me, but the sense of portion control that I learned so well. And not only portion control but also swapping lighter foods in my diet to replace the heavy stuff. So where I used to eat a whole basket of French fries, I now just eat a small handful and then I compliment that with a large salad. I also mostly choose fruit for desserts, as other kinds of sweets are often very fatty and caloric. Perhaps I’ll just have a bite if I feel so inclined.

What I also have now is a good visual image of what the portion on my plate should look like. I know that the protein should take up a third of the plate, followed by a third of lean starch and then vegetables.

Seeking help and expressing myself

Another vital lesson I learned from Weight Watchers is how to express my feelings and ask for help when I really need it. There were days where I really didn’t know how I was going to get through it without eating a whole pizza and on these days I learned to reach out and express to someone how I was really feeling. I was always bad at expressing my feelings but this was where I learned that it’s ok to have bad days and admit this to someone else. It’s ok to admit that you’re not perfect, and you’re experiencing true need of reassurance and validation. The support I received in Weight Watchers Meetings enhanced my feelings of control and confidence.

I really believe that Weight Watchers gave me all the right tools to finally lose the weight for good. Without the valuable and fundamental lessons that I learned I wouldn’t be the slim, happy woman that I am today. For that I feel so much gratitude toward the program and my coach Nancy. They really taught me everything that I need to know for lasting success.

This article is a courtesy of Jackie, a member of Weight Watchers.


  1. I so agree that WW has taught me so much about portion control. I have been at goal for almost 2 years and I hate counting points. Knowing what a portion size is suppose to look like helps me not have to count every meal. When I feel like I'm slipping into bigger portions I measure a few meals to refresh my memory on what a proper portion size looks like.

    I also enjoy the support I get at the meetings. Even though I am a lifetime member, at goal, I still attend the meeting every weeks. It helps keep me in check and also in the know of all the new tips they teach us.

  2. Hi Paula,

    portion control is indeed am important thing Weight Watchers helps us understand. During the past 2 decades, portions have increased almost everywhere. We have a distorted idea about what the right meal size is. Once we start practicing portion control, we can control our weight easier.


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