Splash Math Fun Math Practice Grades 1-5 - Review

When I was a child, math was the bane of my existence. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get an A in math. I remember staring at a huge paper full of numbers and just dying inside. Don't get me wrong, I was smart and could get an A in any other subject, but I hated those worksheets. Worst of all were the timed quizzes where we were required to finish as many as we could, up to 100 math problems, within five minutes. With all the new technology that surrounds today's children, learning math can actually be something fun and engaging. Splash Math is a website where parents of elementary school children (grades 1-5) can register for an account. It's filled with fun math activities to encourage children's math abilities. Using the Common Core Curriculum standards, Splash Math helps to instill and reinforce the mathematical skills children need to succeed.
Splash Math is personalized to each child and uses an algorithm to determine a child's true grade level. Then using this information, Splash Math provides unlimited questions to enable the child's skills to progress at the child's rate of learning. You can browse some of their content for free HERE. Registration requires a credit card, but you'll get a free week to explore and see how much your child loves Splash Math before deciding upon purchasing this very affordable program. It's a fabulous way to supplement school homework and a fabulous way for homeschooling parents to take advantage of technology to help teach their kids. The program motivates children by offering a point system for correct answers, which in turn unlocks fun rewards and games. Best of all, Splash Math offers real-time reports so you can monitor your child's progress.
Your Splash Math account can be accessed on your computer, tablet or smartphone and is available on all major platforms. Take it along to keep your children engaged on car rides. Encourage your children to "play" Splash Math while sitting in waiting rooms for appointments or while you're busy making dinner. With all the wonderful activities available, they'll be asking for more. When children use their math skills, their grades improve, and you will watch them become more competent and confident. Watch the video below and check out Splash Math for free today!

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