Shopping for Baby Furniture

Parents who need to buy nursery furniture will appreciate being able to shop at a retail store that offers a variety of cribs and bedding. Other furniture for nurseries and bedrooms is also available here.

Shoppers who are looking for cribs in a traditional style can choose wooden cribs in white, cream, gray and several shades of brown. Espresso, chestnut and dark walnut are some of the colors available for those who want brown cribs. Parents can purchase matching dressers for some of these cribs.

Those who prefer cribs in a modern style can buy them in white or brown. A number of these cribs can easily be converted to toddler beds or adult beds. Matching dressers and chests are available for some of these cribs.

Cribs with panel backs come in white, gray, silver, khaki and several shades of brown. Dark brown and light brown cribs are available. Matching furniture for these cribs includes dressers and chests.

A variety of bedding is available here. There is bedding with flowers, butterflies and ballerinas for baby girls. Patterns available for a baby boy's nursery include sailboats. Parents who do not if they are decorating for a girl or a boy can select bedding in neutral colors such as green or yellow. Matching curtains and pillows are available for some bedding sets.

Parents who want to have a comfortable place to sit in the nursery can buy gliders here. These gliders are available in a variety of solid colors and patterns. There are gliders in pale colors to match a nursery decorated in pastel colors. Other gliders will match a nursery decorated in bright colors. Many of these gilders have washable covers that can be removed.

Shoppers can buy accessories here to add the final touches to a nursery. Canvas artwork and wall decals are available in a variety of colors. The table lamps sold here have shades with the alphabet, ballerinas, pirates and flowers. These lamps have bases in bright colors such as green, blue and red. Lamps with pastel bases are also available. Parents who want decorative dresser knobs for baby girls' dressers can buy knobs shaped like flowers.

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