How to Shop like it's Black Friday Every Day

As Black Friday approaches, my email inbox has been filled with hundreds of offers for sale prices that are good one day only, or even worse three hours only. As someone who avoids shopping in stores as much as possible on that particular day, I still love the great prices. Did you know that you can get many of the same kinds of deals any day of the year? It might take you a bit more time than just reading the email offers that come to you, but it's much easier than being trampled by 400 other people who also want that same deal at 5a.m. at your local store. Here's how to shop like it's Black Friday every day:
  1. Before purchasing any item in the store, research it online at a minimum of five stores. Your savings may be bigger if you purchase online. If free shipping is offered, you have also saved yourself the cost of gasoline to get to the store, plus you saved yourself time.
  2. Many stores offer price-matching all year long. Find the one closest to you that sells the item on a price-matching offer.
  3. Visit coupon code sites that list great deals that you can use both online and in the stores.
  4. Frequently visit store-specific voucher code sites for stores that you know you love and trust, like Dorothy Perkins Voucher Codes where they list special codes for dozens of their own products that can save you a lot money.
  5. Shop the clearance section of stores first. Last season's clothes can be found for up to 90% off in many places. When you get home, stash them away until the season rolls back around.
  6. Team up with friends and buy in bulk. If you're looking for food-related items, this is an especially valuable way to save lots of money.
  7. Purchase refurbished electronics instead of brand new. It only takes a few months for someone who has way too much money to get bored and trade it in for the next new item.
  8. Pass on the add-on warranty for new electronics. It's one of the ways stores love to get a few extra dollars out of every customer, but new items usually come with a manufacturer's warranty anyway. Ignore this tip if you're buying a cell phone and are prone to dropping them.
  9. Visit your local pawn shops for fabulous deals on high-dollar items like musical instruments, game systems, and jewelry.
  10. Check out auctions around your town. You can find everything from brand new items to pre-owned valuable collectibles at auctions, plus it's a fabulously fun way to spend a day!

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