Room Makeover with Medallion Rug Gallery - Review

Disclosure: I received an area rug at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
When we were looking for a new house last summer, one of the top selling points of the house we got was the beautiful laminate wood floors. They are absolutely gorgeous and since I've always had wall-to-wall carpeting, I really wanted wood floors. We've been here five months now and I absolutely hate the wood floors. Not so much the floors themselves, but the constant upkeep is a huge pain.
My dog Buddy sheds constantly, so we have what I call "dust buddies" rolling around the house all the time. His fur is yellow and dark orange (hence the tan furniture) and every single piece of fur shows up on the dark wood like fireworks on the 4th of July. When Buddy walks through any room, he leaves a cloud of fur floating behind him. It drives me absolutely crazy. In addition, the dark color of the wood floor makes the rooms look darker and in my opinion, a bit less welcoming.
Medallion Rug Gallery reached out to me about reviewing one of their area rugs and I couldn't have been more ecstatic. They have a huge selection to choose from in thousands of colors, shapes, and sizes at fabulous prices! I spent several hours browsing their online store to find just the right one that would transform my family room into a more family-friendly, guest-friendly, and pet-friendly environment.
I was immediately enamored by this New Contemporary Modern Area Rug. It's a gigantic 9'x12' wool tufted rug from India. The colors are a combination of dark gold and light gold (perfect for masking stray doggie fur). I love how the swirls lend a bit of fanciful fun and they contrast well against the straight lines of the wood slats. The impressive color contrast of the gold rug against the dark wood is also very dazzling.
My area rug was delivered to the house (did I mention Medallion Rug Gallery offers free US shipping?) and the rug was completely encased in plastic wrapping and tape to protect it in transit. Inside the plastic, the area rug was folded in half longways, then rolled up and tied with string. After we moved all the furniture and vacuumed up the dust-buddies that had gathered under the couches, we laid the rug out flat to let it settle.
Walking on this area rug with bare feet is luxurious. The light gold parts of the rug stands just a bit higher than the dark gold parts and it feels so good to walk on. Handmade area rugs make such a huge statement, like a work of art, and this one is exceptionally well made.
We rearranged the furniture once the rug settled down flat and I'm so pleased that it fits the family room perfectly, both in size and appearance. It really brightened up the look of the entire room and makes it feel more inviting. Plus, no longer will the love seat slide across the wood floor when we sit down. It truly did transform my room, with almost no work on our part!
Both the dog and the husband approve of our new area rug from Medallion Rug Gallery too. Go browse the website at www.medallionrug.com and see how easy you can makeover a room in your house with beautiful, high quality area rugs at 50-80% off. They also offer a money-back guarantee and no-obligation in-home trials. Five stars for Medallion Rugs!

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