How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner can get expensive very quickly. Here are some great tips to help you save some money this year on your Thanksgiving dinner, decor, and fashions.
  1. Watch local grocery store ads. They will sometimes offer the turkey at a great deal when you purchase a minimum dollar amount of food.
  2. If you're having a big gathering, have each guest bring a side dish or dessert item. After all, you're saving them the trouble of roasting a turkey for hours.
  3. Purchase your Thanksgiving wine in a box rather than bottles. The savings can be significant and some of the best wines I've tasted come in boxes. If you prefer a bottle, pour the boxed wine into a clear pitcher for serving and add some citrus slices for decoration.
  4. Check your newspaper inserts for grocery coupons. Find out which stores in your area will double or triple your coupons. Try to stack coupons with sale items to save even more.
  5. Use natural items found in nature to create table centerpieces, like pine cones, evergreen branches, gourds, cranberries, and freshly fallen leaves.
  6. Make place cards for guests from index cards (or heavy stock paper) and markers in brown, orange, and yellow. 
  7. Save on your Thanksgiving fashions by wearing nice clothing you already own or by using online shopping coupon codes, like those at Jabong Coupons, to buy at a discount.
  8. Bake your pies from scratch instead of buying store-made. With all the available recipes online these days, even a novice baker can achieve a great pie.
  9. Make napkins rings by cutting toilet paper tubes into 3 parts and painting them with gold colored spray paint.
  10. Save on energy costs by cooking your turkey in a slow-cooker crock pot. You can find my Super Easy Crock Pot Turkey recipe at the Recipe Tab above.
Remember that Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a time of stress. It should be a time when family gathers together to be thankful for each other and all the wonderful things in our lives. The amount of money you spend on your dinner should not be a source of anxiety. Happy Thanksgiving!

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