How I Lost Weight After I Left Nutrisystem

When I started Nutrisystem everything seemed to be going ok. I found the discounts on the auto shipping to be a huge help financially, so I was saving money each month and actually enjoying the Nutrisystem food for the most part. Some pounds were coming off but about 3 months into the program I seriously lost track and was wondering what was happening to me. I started becoming bored with the food and sneaking little bits of other things here and there to compensate. When the weight wasn’t coming off fast I was resentful and the benevolent cheating started to get more intense. Every once in a while I ate two breakfast packages instead of one, then I had an extra dessert. I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be too bad because it was all Nutrisystem food after all. But unlike others, like Jane who continually messed up on Nutrisystem and still lost weight, the plan wasn’t forgiving for me.

The big decision to change

This is where I finally realized that the Nutrisystem plan wasn’t helping me but crippling me. I had become bored with the food but dependant on it to create some sort of miracle of fat burning inside me. This simply wasn’t the case. There was nothing magic about the Nutrisystem food except that it was portion controlled and easy to control. I made the decision to leave Nutrisystem and find a way to control portions in my normal life with real food. When I did this everything began to change. I was eating my favorite foods but in smaller portions, and I was much more satisfied this way. I began to eat less than what I was eating on Nutrisystem because I was satisfied and I had peace of mind that I was living my life the way I chose and was creating new habits from within myself.

In Retrospect

Looking back on it, it makes perfect sense that I was a failure at Nutrisystem. I simply don’t like being told what to do. The program made me feel like a child that was being scolded. When I let myself feel free to eat the foods that I truly enjoy then I eat less. That’s just basic psychology at work. Instead of being the forceful disciplinarian with myself, I became a loving friend to myself and encouraged my behaviors to change. Now whenever a friend asks me if they should try the Nutrisystem plan, I say they should go ahead and give it a try for a quick fix, but the real solution is within. Nobody wants to eat packaged food all their life. It’s important to enjoy life, and eating your favorite foods in the right portions is a huge part of that.

Learn portion control

Meal sizes in restaurants have grown over the past few decades and so have people’s waistlines. Practicing portion control is not easy because we have all embraced a distorted idea about “portion.” Nutrisystem does teach you portion control—a pre-requisite to lose weight. But, if you implement Dr. Lisa Young’s tips for learning portion control you can avoid overeating and get on the right track to a healthy weight loss on your own.

Article written by Gina, a Yale School of Drama graduate, who has tried Nutrisystem.

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  1. Nutrisystem worked for a few of my friends and not for others. I've never tried it, but have wanted to. I do find that using portion control combined with real foods such as fruits and vegetables, meats and poultry, some organic, is the best way to go.


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