House Beautiful Quick Changes - Review

Disclosure: I received a book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Every once in a while, I look around my house and decide it's the day to go crazy moving furniture, rehanging pictures, and swapping out area rugs between rooms. For the next few days following, as I nurse my sore muscles, I wonder why I worked so hard. Now there is a guide that gives me all the ideas I need to make just a few small changes and totally change the look of a room - the House Beautiful Quick Changes: Fresh Looks for Every Room.
This gorgeous full color guide is chock-full of simple ways I can add pops of color to a room, bring more romance to the bedroom, and even dress up a bathroom sink. There are suggestions on highlighting part of room to make it a focal point, strategically adding mirrors to make a room look and feel larger, and tips on updating vintage pieces. I literally spent hours pouring over this book repeatedly, tucking in little bookmarks for all the things I want to try.
There are over 280 pages of fabulous ideas, over 280 full color photographs, and ideas that range from very simple to a bit challenging. House Beautiful Quick Changes is an excellent resource for anyone who loves to keep their home or apartment looking fresh and inviting. A wonderful holiday gift idea!

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