GE Reveal Makeover - I Took the Challenge

Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I was recently challenged to take the GE Reveal Makeover Challenge. The new GE Reveal bulbs claim to offer: "clean, full spectrum light which enhances colors and patterns while filtering out the dull yellow rays of most bulbs." I wanted to see if a couple of light bulbs could really make that much of a difference in the appearance of a room. I put the GE Reveal bulbs with halogen technology bulbs to the test in my bedroom because I love to read in there at night.
There are two lamps in the master bedroom, one table lamp and one floor lamp. I took pictures of the room (both with the camera flash and without the camera flash) with the existing light bulbs in the lamps, then switched both out with the GE Reveal 75W halogen replacement bulbs. Then I took pictures of the room after the "lighting makeover," again with the camera flash and without.
There is a huge difference in my before and after photos! The GE Reveal light bulbs markedly brightened up the master bedroom. I am especially pleased with the result of the floor lamp because those chairs are my reading spot. Good lighting is so important for reading because it reduces eye strain (especially on my old eyes). The GE Reveal bulbs brightened up the entire room and definitely reduced the yellow cast of the old light bulbs.
As an added bonus, the halogen technology inside the GE Reveal halogen bulbs delivers outstanding energy-efficiency, helping me to save money on energy. I urge you to take the GE Reveal Makeover Challenge. Click HERE to get coupons for GE Reveal light bulbs and save even more money!

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