Elite Tribal Pink Flame Bowling Shoes - Review

Disclosure: I received shoes at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I've been bowling since I was a kid. I'm certainly no professional but I've had a few lessons and even broke 180 once. The older I got, the more repulsed I was by the ugly rental shoes at the bowling alley. I know they spray the inside with something that is supposed to kill bacteria, but really...EWWWW. The other problem with rental shoes is the comfort level, or shall I say UNcomfort level. Thanks to BowlingShoes.com I now own the cutest, most comfortable bowling shoes that will ever hit the lanes in my town!
I chose the Elite Tribal Pink Flame bowling shoes and they are so stylish that I really wish I could wear them outside the bowling alley. They look great with jeans! By the way, if you're new to bowling, don't ruin the specially designed soles of bowling shoes by wearing them anywhere outside.
The quality of these bowling shoes is the BEST. They are manufactured with the highest grade materials and every pair they sell has a full two-year warranty. The support factor of these shoes is unmatched and gives me with superior stability and balance (and I've been known to fall down a few times before). They are also very lightweight and not clunky at all.
The fact that they are PINK is one of my favorite features. I love how the pink flames shoot down both sides of the shoes. The extra touch of pink shoelaces just makes me want to dance (or go bowling). I added my own pink ankle socks for added cuteness. Now I need a pink bowling ball and bowling bag!
If you love to bowl, you need to check out the great shoe collection at bowlingshoes.com. They offer everything you will need for a fun, comfortable, and fashionable day at the bowling alley, including bowling shoes for men and women, bowling balls, bowling ball bags, bowling accessories and bowling apparel.
If you've never gone bowling, you're missing out. It's great exercise and something nearly everyone can do. But really, don't rent the nasty shoes. Get your own amazing pair at a great price at bowlingshoes.com. PSST - The shoes I got are ON SALE right now, so don't wait!

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