Create Your Wishlist on Giftster - Review

It's time to get started on Christmas shopping! My family is spread out from coast to coast and sometimes that makes gift shopping really difficult. I want to buy them gifts they want and need, but often I end up wandering the stores or browsing the internet at a complete loss for the right gift.
Giftster.com is a free online platform that allows you (and your family and friends) to create wishlists and share them. My new account is protected with a password and I can set my wishlists to private or public. I've been browsing around their site and it's very easy to use. With the click of a button, I can create a new list, type in the name of my list (birthday, Christmas, etc.), and then add anything I wish for onto my list. To make it even easier, Giftster has a browser button for my toolbar. Anytime I come across something that makes me go, "THAT would be cool to have," I just click the browser button to add it to my list!
I can also create groups on Giftster and invite my friends and family to join in for free and create their online wishlists, so I know exactly what they want this Christmas. The member search lets me discover who has already created their account. There is also a calendar for adding events for up to the next 90 days. My Giftster newsfeed page conveniently keeps me updated in real time on activities of my friends and family.
If you don't want an ugly sweater or 30-year old fruit cake this year (or even if you do), get over to Giftster.com! Create your free account, make your list, and be sure to connect with me!


  1. Gift giving is a thing of the past now that all the kids of my friends are grown! And we have all decided to forgo buying for each other. It is either cash or PayPal cash-that is all they want. This would be really great for large families that still exchange gifts.

  2. Oh, I really like this!! I have my gift list written in the back of my blog notebook but I'm always afraid that my kids will stumble upon it.

  3. I love this. I am always worried about the kids finding my ist


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