Bald Eagle with USA Flags Music Box - Review

Disclosure: I received a music box at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
When I was a little girl, my mom had an entire shelf of music boxes. Every once in a while, she'd take them down for us so we could wind them up and listen to them play. There is something so magical and nostalgic about music boxes. No matter what new technology comes out, the timeless beauty and enchantment of a well-crafted music box makes a treasured gift for many generations.
Music Box Attic offers over 150,000 musical gifts including traditional music boxes, ballerina music boxes, figurine music boxes, jewelry boxes, snow globes and more. Prices range from very affordable to very expensive, which means there is something for everyone, even the most discerning music box collectors. This stunning Patriotic American Bald Eagle with Dual USA Flags Musical Figurine is on sale today for just $34.99!
The ceramic eagle sits upon a rosewood base that encases the jewelry box. The eagle's feathers are incredibly detailed, the beak and talons reach out in a predatory way, and even the eyes of the eagle appear to be glaring. I love how the eagle perches on the USA flags in a protective, intimidating way. I think it's a beautiful piece. A few twists of the music box key reveals the clarity of a quality musical treasure, featuring my all-time favorite tune, Amazing Grace. Click the video below to hear a bit of the music!
Shoppers get to choose which music goes inside the music box, so it can be a truly personalized gift. Imagine your little girl's face lighting up as she opens her very first jewelry box that plays her favorite music while a tiny ballerina dances. Maybe your son would love a music box carousel or snow globe music box. Even your grandparents who claim they don't want a gift for the holidays would be delighted to receive a music box for Christmas. Shop Music Box Attic today for a gift that touches the heart.

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Click below to hear my new music box!

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