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Breast Cancer Awareness Relay Kitchen Assistant Blender Giveaway Oct 1-6, 2013 Open to US

Breast Cancer has already taken some of my friends. It made me very aware of the fleeting nature of life. After losing some friends, I began making changes to help myself be healthier. What would be your Small Change in the month of October that would make your life more joyful and your body more vibrant with health? In the month of Breast Cancer or Any Cancer Awareness, we would like to remind you that cooking could be enhanced not only with fresh and organic produce. Your health and your meals could benefit from the kitchen utensils you use, like this Kitchen Assistant Blender.

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Organized by Celebrate Woman Today

With this versatile blender and mixer in one, you would be able to prepare a variety of dishes for your breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even parties as well. The functionality for blending, mixing, chopping and kneading is simply priceless when you buy a kitchen gadget and receive so many outputs! Who is ready to mix your first delicious smoothy or prepare a yummy dip? If you're up for a task, we'll join you! There are many chances for you to win this healthy kitchen tool to make your life easier, recipes bursting with fresh flavor, and your family simply adoring this way of preparing meals. With this Kitchen Assistant Blender your kitchen life would change forever.

Prize – 10 in 1 Kitchen Assistant Blender, $130 Value

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  1. I'm drinking more water and less alcohol.

  2. My small change for the month....cutting almost all pop out of my diet! Working very hard to be healthy!

  3. I'm trying to walk a mile 4 days a week!

  4. my small change is that I have switched to water instead of soda.

  5. Since it's cooler weather outside now, i've been walking on my lunch breaks!

  6. We have been eating much healthier the past couple of years. I have been busy with making pear sauce, apple sauce, freezing apple slices, making apple pie filling and drying apple slices. Now on to veggies. This would cut my prepping time alot.

  7. I am adding green smoothies! :D

  8. I have been trying to eat better and walk more!

  9. I'd exercise more regularly.

  10. I'm no longer drinking soda and switching to Crystal Light :)


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